Car Marketing - Civic EM2 With K-Series Engine Swap

2002 Honda Civic EM2 With K-Series Engine Swap

2002 Honda Civic EM2 With K-Series Engine Swap being sold by original owner $12,000. Complete running fun car needs a new home. I have purchased a second project BMW E30 and I do not have room for this one anymore =(. This is a great base for a full race; roll cage and few more upgrades and you have a full race car. For show you would need some minor body repairs and New Paint. Also this car in does not pass carb regulation from California, So if you plan on off-road use only this is the perfect car..

Pink slip in hand, Cash or Cashier's Check, Money Order from Trusted Bank (must wait to clear) No personal checks. Transfer of ownership must be done in person. Willing to sell out of state (no scams / no parting out) Price includes:

Custom Molded Body Kit (Hood lip removed, Trunk badge & Keyhole removed
Custom BMW Paint (Metallic Silver)

Wheels and Suspension
Sustech Rear / Front Strut Bar (Aftermarket)
Sustech Rear / Front Sway Bar (Aftermarket / Acura OEM w/ Polyurethane bushings)
DC Sports Rear Lower Tie Bar
Neuspeed X-Brace
SportMax 02 Hyper Silver (17")
Nexen Tires (205/40ZR17) 85 Tread
Camber Correction, Front / Rear
Cross Drilled& Grooved Rotors
Tein Super Street Damper Kit (Complete Coil Over and Dampers)

K20A3 Block
K20 A2 Tranny (6 Speed)
Toda Chromalloy Flywheel
K20A2 Intake Manifold
K20A2 Throttle Body
Hasport Engine Mounts
Injen Intake
Power Steering
Hondata K-Pro (Tuned w/o Oxygen Sensor
JVT Racing Aluminum Radiator 2.5"
Rear Mounted Battery (No Cutoff Valve)
Nitrous Line Installed (Complete Pre-installed Nitrous Kit & Bottle Included)
AEM Tru Power Pulleys
By-pass A/C Belt (No A/C)
DC 4-to-1 Headers (wrapped in Thermo Wrap)
2.5 Custom Exhaust Piping
Greddy Evo Exhaust
Straight Through Pipe (No Cat)
DC Short Shifter
Acura Luxury 6-Speed DC5 Shift Knob

JVC GD-S890 Head Unit
Upgraded front Speakers (Brand: Unknown)
Pioneer Front Mounted Tweeters
Dynamat Sound Damper Installed (Cabin Only)

CF Covered Armrest and switch plate, vents (worth $300)
Nitrous Kit (Pre-installed + Bottle)
No Dents
No Major Accidents
I got a box of extra crap from the D17 that you can take.

Oxidized Headlights (Must be cleaned)
Front Lip Damaged (Daily Driver)
Small Body cracks on body kit (Small Repairs)
No A/C
No Oxygen Sensor (there is one installed and it works but K-Pro not reading, Can be tuned without it)
Full Race Only (Not Street in California)

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Custom Personalized Photo Postcards

Hurry and order your custom personalized photo postcards of your family and friends on high quality stock hard 14 point paper with high gloss on the front and one color on the back for ONLY $75 plus $5.00 shipping anywhere in the US! Christmas holiday is just around the corner and we’re offering low quantities for a limited amount of time just for this season. 100 4” x 6” Postcards full color photos + layout for only $75!

Micro Industries

As more and more people are loosing their jobs throughout the nation it is clear that most that have obtain the knowledge of their industry will be prone to start their own business and the competition of the masses will keep bringing some of the major corporate companies down and raise an industry were you’ll see more local businesses thrive on a local economy versus giant corporate.

Planning on opening your own business? Start smart and on the right path with our graphic design service custom packaged that fits to you. All the way from logo design to simple web site design. If you’re thinking about starting your own business today is the time do your research and start planning your marketing campaign.

See some of our recent work.

Houes of Yogurt
OC Tattoo Gabe

Custom Imprinted Full Color Tablecloths

New Promotional Product.

These beautiful table covers are now available with full color photo digitally print on the entire tablecloth. Take control over the entire look and feel of your trade show tablecloth using your custom personalized artwork on the front, side, top and back of the tablecloth. We digitally imprint satin finish fabric using large format commercial inkjets to give a true you a powerful impact on your next company or personal event. Cloths come in the same size as our standard screen printed tablecloths, 6 foot and 8 foot. Unlimited colors with NO SETUP CHARGES! Besides having no setup we also have waved the minimum on this product only. Explore the new wave of full color promotional products with your full color imprinted tablecloths.

Already have a tablecloth with no logo? No problem, we also carry full color custom imprinted trade show table runners.

Full Color Custom Imprinted Trade Show Table Runners

Full Color Custom Imprinted Trade Show Table Runners

They are finally here, after many trials and errors we are proud to introduce our new product in the GD Solutions custom promotional line. Long awaited this true full color digitally imprinted table runner will turn heads and attract more traffic to your table. Add a unique blank colored tablecloth for extra spice. This table runner is custom imprinted using the latest in digital printing and uses durable inks on a satin semi shiny fabric to give you that extra flair that you are looking for. These runners come in measurements of 28”x96” and are entirely printable from edge to. The table runners start as a white blank fabric and are passed through our large format photo printer that lays down ink and cures it. We can print from jpg files to illustrator files. The cleaner your artwork the better multi-color print will turn out. Don’t have artwork? No worries, our graphic designers are sure to take your ideas and convert them into really. Please view our website

For more detail and pricing. Table Runners

Custom Printed Tablecloth 8 foot royal blue

Custom Printed Tablecloth SPECIAL OFFER

Custom royal blue screen printed tablecloths are on special for a limited time offer or until quantities last. Get a custom sewn 8 foot royal blue tablecloth with a white imprint for $200 ea. Price includes one tablecloths made from 100 percent polyester with rounded corners, One color setup (white), One printing charge and ground shipping. You save $80 dollars.

This only applies to 8’ Royal Blue Tablecloths with a white or golden yellow imprint

For information visit

Custom Hats - Custom made promotional printed, embroidered hats

Custom Hats

Custom made promotional screen printed and embroidered hats giveaways are one the best promotional products around, along with custom printed towels and t shirts, these are items that tend to stay with the recipient longer. Which means the tend to use it more often. There are many ways to decorate a hat the most cost effective way is to screen print the hat using transfers. To make the hat look more classy, embroidery is used on the hats, this tends to be a bit more costly but looks fanatic on the hats. The other way to fully customize a hat from the patterned material to off the way designs that cover some parts of the hat including the bill and inside of the hat. The cool thing about customizing the entire hat is that you can get as creative as you want and using all kinds of different decoration processes like piping, different color fabrics, screen printing
Embroidery, patches, etc. giving you full control of what the hat will look like. You can even choose from many fasteners for the back. This only draw back is the quantity that is required to make these. Since the hat is fully customized there needs to be a minimum of 1,000 and in some cases more in order to fulfill the order. All this applies to all styles of hats including trucker and fitted hats.

Below are some wild custom hat designs. These hats are already pre-made and sold by Lids®, but you can get a rough idea of what you can do.

Converting Raster to Vector

With fast-pace of business it's hard and some times annoying to keep tracking of file format when you're trying to finish a project on a strict dead line. The worst thing is hearing that the file format you have submitted does not work and does not meet the printing criteria. What can you do? Well the only thing you can do is get the right format and that means going through many channels and departments of group of designers that have already started working on someone else’s project or can not get you the necessary artwork format until next week. How can you do your job when you have to depend on other? The best thing to do is always have a backup artist that is on-call. Here’s where I come in and actual become part of your team.

When I worked at one of Southern California’s promotional marketing distributor I had to literally work on some other top graphic artist’s artwork from some of the major movie studios in Hollywood and universities. These are multi-million fortune 500 companies that had departments upon departments of designer and marketing agents and could not submit usable artwork for some of the simple list single color printed products. Instead of having the customer go back and talk to their graphic artist which where already working on other projects meant that they had to wait at least a day which was considered a fast turn around. Which meant our production time was crushed down an additional day. When you’re trying to print thousands of products in less than a week including delivery for an event that same weekend, one day made all the difference. Instead we were able to convert the raster images to vector file format that were usable within the hour and getting that artwork approved and at the printers in less than two hours saving us the hassle of possibility of something going wrong in the printing process and wasting valuable production time.

Time is money, projects need to be finished and having an artist that can be convert raster to vector images can be a life saver. Raster to vector service is great for two reasons. One, your printed order can proceed to the next stage of printing and two, you have prevented this mistake to happen again.

To learn more about raster to vector please read.

Raster to Vector Converter Quote.

Wholesale Tablecloths

Wholesale tablecloths are now available for party and promotional product distributors that offer, sell or rent these products to customers. These custom made to order tablecloths are made from 100% polyester material and come in a variety of standards shapes including round, square and traditional rectangle 4, 6 , 8 foot. Tablecloth distributors are provided with pricing for our standard cloths are require to inquire about custom made tablecloths and or bulk buying. Please contact us at for more information regarding your order.

Distributors are provided with a digital proof to ensure that the tablecloth gets made correctly and get them printed correctly. Sample swatches can be provided at the time of quoting. The standard tablecloths are 4 foot which measure 90 x 108, 6 foot that measure 90 x 132, an 8 foot that measure 90 x 156. Our maximum screen printed area 16 inches high by 42 inches wide and we can imprint up to five spot colors. Process printing is not yet available but we're looking into moving towards that direction to provide customers and distributors with a maximum print quality available to meet all their marketing needs. All custom orders are pre-paid via check or credit card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, discovery, and PayPal transfers and there is no processing fees. All tablecloth orders can be drop ship to any location within the United States and also outside the United States.

Unlike plastic tablecloths these polyester tablecloths can be washed by a commercial washing machine with cold water and dried at low temperatures to be reused over and over again. Don't waste your money on cheap discounted cloths that may rip after the first show. Create an impressive booth or registration table with directly printed tablecloths please do not use banners tied to the front of your table they look unprofessional and may have people thinking twice about using your products or services.

Small Business and Economy Printing

Small Business and Economy Printing

No matter where you turn you can’t get away from the fact that the United States Economy is getting worst. Articles, newspapers, blogs and first hand tell us that people are making less money, people are spending less, and large and small businesses are either sending their jobs overseas or simply going out of business. It seems there is no way around it and there might or not be a solution to giant progressing problem of the United States current economy. As an individual all you can really do is save your money and hope for the best. As a business owner or marketing agent preparing yourselves while the economy drops is a must. Everyone should be planning for the worst, specially all businesses if they want to survive the so call depression we’re going to have in the near future. Keep in mind that the more and more business are going out of business and therefore allowing the standing business to raise their prices, while your cash flow diminishes. At the time of need when we hit rock bottom it will be impossible to find low price marketing and promotional items at a time when you need it the most. While trying to market yourselves in a pool dry leaves and go out for potential customers you would have wished you prepared better. We all know that while businesses cash flow diminishes the need for marketing and promotions will be what breaks or saves a business and if your not prepared now, you will find yourself spending more later when you have less.

We are not sure when we will hit rock bottom, but one thing you can do to prepare is to write out several marketing plans that you can generate out today and hold when that day comes. Buying low cost items it will save you cost on the actual item and high rising shipping rates due to extreme raises in fuel cost. Buy by the bulk; you can use the same promotional item for at least three of your marketing plans. Economy will hit everyone from your graphic artist to your printers to your delivery & sales personnel so generate some designs now, pre-print flyers and promotional products. Lower your cost of local delivery by purchasing small engine vehicles and be sure to wrap them with graphics. Knowing how to swim is one thing, knowing how to swim to shore is another. Keep your head out of water buy building your marketing and promotional product raft today.

Here are some marketing products that may help:

Pre-printed postcards in bulk

Pre-printed sales sheets in bulk

Pre-printed folders bulk

Pre-printed business cards in bulk

Pre-printed catalogs in bulk

Pre-printed give-a-ways in bulk

Trade Show event products (pens, shirts, tablecloths)

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Graphic Design Illustrations Custom Embroidery Design Raster to Vector Art Conversion Business Card Printing & Design PostCard Printing & Design Brochure Printing and Design Flyer Printing & Design CD Cover Printing & Design T Shirt Screen Printing Embroidered Hats Screen Printed Tablecloths School Spirit Items Table Throw & Runner Full Color Banners Airbrushed T shirt

Design templates

If you're putting together your own design and looking for templates, you follow this link for more information regarding design and print templates or you can do a search on this blog on templates. If you have any questions you can always e-mail me.

Square Tablecloth - Custom Square Linen Table Cloth

Now available are custom made custom printed square tablecloths from GD Solutions specially made to fit your specific corporate or special events from a minimum of two pieces to large quanity orders, GD Solutions from can help your presentation table looks it's best from a range of square tablecloths to rectangled to rounded tablecloths with variety of super beautiful colors! custom sizes are available since each order is made to order any size is possible. Give them a call at 951-756-4411 or visit their website for more information.

Standard Square tablecloths

45 x 45 Square Tablecloths

54 x 54 Square Tablecloths

60 x 60 Square Tablecloths

72 x 72 Square Tablecloths

81 x 81 Square Tablecloths

90 x 90 Square Tablecloths

Wedding Tablecloths

Wedding Tablecloths

Wedding Tablecloths are here. Custom made and custom screen printed tablecloths with your own name and personal graphic. These cloths are made to last from polyester material and are custom screen printed for a personal touch at your wedding or engagement party. These wedding tablecloths come in a variety of sizes and shapes from round, rectangle and square. Works for your bridal table, gift table or cake table. Find our more information!

Watch Tablecloth Video: Tablecloths

Logo Design Services Creative Layout Design Internet Site Web Graphic Internet Web Site Design Graphic Design Illustrations Custom Embroidery Design Raster to Vector Art Conversion Business Card Printing & Design PostCard Printing & Design Brochure Printing and Design Flyer Printing & Design CD Cover Printing & Design T Shirt Screen Printing Embroidered Hats Screen Printed Tablecloths School Spirit Items Table Throw & Runner Full Color Banners Airbrushed T shir

Round Tablecloths

Round Tablecloths

Customize your round table with these custom screen printed tablecloths that are made from one hundred percent polyester fabric material and come in many vibrant standard colors to fit your specific needs. Many different sizes are available from 90 inch round tablecloths to 132 inch round tablecloths.

Round Tablecloths

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Tablecloths - Linen Tablecloths - Banquet Tablecloths

Linen Tablecloths Made for Standard Banquet Tables

Create a powerful visual impact during your next corporate event or trade show with custom screen printed linen banquet tablecloths. These tablecloths are made from 100% polyester woven fabric and come and 45 great bright colors. Our most popular colors are Royal Blue, Black, Pink, White and Green. Choose from rounded corners to prevent dragging or traditional square corners. Linen Tablecloths for your next banquet presentation come in either 4 foot, 6 foot or 8 foot or we can custom make to your specifications. Your logo in printed using traditional screen printing method and is printed between 4-6 times to ensure great converge. Max imprint area is 16x42” and limited to 5 colors.

Give us a call before your next event, stop using banners tied to the front of the table!

951-756-4411 or visit our website: Tablecloths - Linen - Banquet

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Talking Soda Can

Talking aluminum soda or beer can is a new product that has customers impressed. The talking can is activated once the lid is open. Special messages or offers can be recorded for the customer to hear. Other can products are pop-up straw and pop-up money which gives the customer another incentive to purchase the product. These promotional products are now available.

Light up fabrics

The company Philips has just introduced a new fabric which integrates LED lights into the actual fabric which light up. This fabric was engineered for the promotional products industry and will allow customers to custom design their own message to the garments. This will include fabrics for couches, hats, T-shirts, jacket and much more products that are made using fabrics. Like I had mentioned in my previous post last year most companies are moving forward into the digital age. Everything is going digital and custom programming will be required more and more in the future instead of graphic designers. Even though you may steal need a graphic designer to lay out the final design they will need to work together with an engineer to properly manufacture the final product. 2008 will bring us more lit up products to help the promotional industry step into a new era of marketing. Like everything else the price will probably be high rather than low but throughout the year I'm sure the product price will drop quickly.

Custom Sign In Board

Custom Airbrushed Guest Sign In Boards

Custom sign in boards for your special event. Have your customers sign your board and leave some feedback about the event that just took place. This is fun for the customers and you get positive feedback that you can display at your place if business or showoff on your website. This 20x30 inch sign-in board is made from white foam core board and is custom airbrushed with your logo or message.

Sign in Board

Cheap Promotional Products

Cheap Promotional Products

You do not have to buy giveaways to keep your customers happy and interested in your company every single time they order. Good products and services go hand in had with good customers service. If you’re not making them feel like their part of the family then you’re not doing a good job and you’re loosing potential customer left and right. Promotional Products are an incentive to bring more customers to you, once they get there you have to make sure they stay and buy from you and even better make sure they keep coming back.

Reinforce your brand by displaying it everywhere you can. Below is a small list of products your can use that are cheap or you already are using throughout your daily business production.

1. Stickers on all your products or boxes on all sides.
2. Logo on your receipts and invoice, letters, faxes, envelopes
3. Signs throughout your web store or physical store with words that reinforce your logo, product or service.
4. Employee uniforms
5. Coupons and special offers

Just remember that anything that physically or digitally leaves your company should have your logo. If it’s in color even better.